The Center was founded within the Public Administration Institute for Turkey and the Middle East (TODAİE) for the purpose of organizing education and training programs to personnel in local administrations and their affiliated institutions, providing advisory services to them, planning and implementing research and activities to improve the effectiveness and productivity of local administrations and their works at national scale in 1989.

The Center for Local Administrations continues activities such as research, assistance, education and publication for local administrations in line with its purposes.

Handbooks such as "Series of Municipal Administration" and "Series of City Services" have been published, in addition to the Journal of Contemporary Local Administrations, since 1997 by the Center.

Also, the Center conducted the "Research Project for Strengthening Local Administrations", that is mentioned in the 1998 Investment Plan of DPT (State Planning Organization), and research results were published as a book.

The Center for Local Administrations, in addition to the general efforts in improving local administration system, conducts researches on practical aspects to improve the organization, the way and methods of doing work for more efficient and productive service production.

The Center provides advisory and assistance services to local administrations for providing solutions to their problems arisen from their implementations.  

The Center benefits from researchers working in public and private organizations besides the Institute personnel for research and assistance works.

These are the projects conducted by the Center for Local Administrations until now:

·         "Research Project for Strengthening Local Administrations (YERYÖN)" with DPT – (1998-2002).

Within the scope of YERYÖN Project, subjects such as Personnel System, Water Services, Local Representation, Management of Garbage Services, Financial Structure and Municipal Policing Services, Geography of Local Elections were analyzed as separate modules and books were published about these modules for local administrations. Book studies on "Development Services" and "Local Administration Model" have been in progress.

·         "Local Administrations Database (YerelBilgi) Project" with the Ministry of Interior – (2002-2003).

YerelBilgi Project was completed according to the protocol signed between the Ministry of Interior and TODAİE.  Within the Project, gathering all data about local administrations via electronic platform and collecting these data to help policy development and decision making processes and examining these data analytically were targeted. The Project was submitted to the Ministry of Interior in October 2003. The Project has been implemented by the Ministry since the submission date.

·         "Research Project for Improving the Quality of Local Administration Services" with German Agency for Technical Cooperation (GTZ) – (2003-2006).

The Local Service Project, was signed between German Federal Government and Republic of Turkey in 17 May 2002 by exchange of notes and was publishes in Official Gazette in 26 July 2002. Within the framework of the Project, the main target was to support the establishment of a system strengthening Local Administration Services in Turkey. The project aimed to improve economic, technical and ecological aspects of Potable Water Supply, Wastewater Disposal and Solid Waste Management across the country and to develop administrative and technical education in water, wastewater and solid waste services and to create a platform for the purposes of problem solving and cooperation between central administration organizations and local administrations.

·         "Support for Local Administration Reform Project" with the Ministry of Interior and European Union – (2003-2007).

The general aim of the Project was to improve the institutional capacities of the stakeholders and the organizations benefiting from the project in order to help the implementation of the local administration reform within Turkey. In this context, increasing the efficiency of services provided by the organizations and stakeholders related with local administration to citizens and improving the policy formation, managing, decision making and implementation capacities of these organizations were general targets of the Project.

·         "Developing Educational Materials for Local Administrations (YEREP-YerelNET) Research Project" with DPT – (1999 – Continuing).

In Turkey, the absence of a platform where data on local administrations are collected and  presented to either people and local administrative units or experts on the issue and the need for accessing and sharing information have generated the starting point of this project in 1999 when the application of information technologies had begun in administration. The Center for Local Administrations of TODAİE has initiated the Project called "Developing Educational Materials for Local Administrations" when it was stated in Annual Investment Program of DPT in 1999. The Project has been a bridge between citizens and local administrations until 2015 in this 16 year period. There are two main targets of the Project called "Developing Educational Materials for Local Administrations" abbreviated as YEREP. These are:

1)     Creating a website for local administrations (YerelNET – and guaranteeing the sustainability of it. The aim of the Project is to establish an interactive sharing network among 1397 municipalities, 51 Special Provincial Administrations, approximately 500 corporations and shareholdings, 18332 villages, 400 district municipalities, local administration unions more than 700 and other local administration organizations for the purpose of accessing information and regulations about local administration directly and sharing information and experience with each other via YerelNet sharing network  created within the scope of the Project.  YerelNET local administration portal was published in 2000 for enabling information flow and daily number of visitors is exceeding 20.000 until now. 

A web portal was designed within the scope of YEREP-YerelNET Project. The portal has been in publishing since 2000 at YerelNET web site has been accepted both by the users and local administrations and providing services as an application instrument on different subjects and at the same time it has been a communication tool between citizens and municipalities. The Center for Local Administrations announces its training and education activities to their participants via

2)     The second target of the Project is to produce educational material for local administrations: The production of educational material is defined as the preparation of handbook with CD that can be used in-service trainings of managers and personnel of municipalities and in their daily works as a guide and, in this framework, "Handbook for Personnel Management of Municipality and its CD" and "Handbook for Development Management of Municipality and its CD" were published. The Production of Educational Material has been continuing its researches with the support of academicians and experts in different fields (urban services, financial structure, international relations etc.) concerning local administrations since 2005 and findings of researches have been both published as a book and at the web site.

"Research for Integration Problems in Local Administrations" and "Research for Local and Regional Planning Relations" had started in 2007 and completed in 2009. "Research for Problems of Personnel in Local Administrations" started in 2008 and is being in progress. 

YEREP Project went on to the finals in many contests in the categories of e-government and e-municipality with its target, contents and it has been first in many fields as being a leader of e-government and e-municipality and it is the face of TODAİE opening to the local.



The List of Free Education/Training for 2015 in The Center for Local Administrations are given in the below.


Education/Training Subjects

Period of Education/Training


Public Financial Management and Control Law No. 5018

5 days


Municipal Administration for Mayors

3 days


Law on Civil Servants and Its Implementation

5 days


Local Administrations and European Union

5 days


Management of Open and Green Areas in Local Administrations

5 days


Disaster Management in Local Administrations

5 days


Analytical Budget in Local Administrations

5 days


Geographical and City Information Systems in Local Administration

5 days


Management of Conflict, Anger and Stress in Local Administrations

2 days


Environmental Management and Legislation in Local Administrations

5 days


Auditing in Local Administrations

5 days


E-Municipality and Information Technologies in Local Administrations

5 days


Public Relations in Local Administrations

3 days


Internal Auditing and Risk Management in Local Administrations

3 days


Development Services and Legislation in Local Administrations

5 days


Human Resources Management in Local Administrations

5 days


Public Procurement Legislation in Local Administrations

5 days


Public Loss in Local Administrations

3 days


Decision Making Process in Local Administrations

2 days


Management of Leadership and Change in Local Administrations

5 days


Legislation in Local Administrations

5 days


Management of Stress and Mobbing in Local Administrations

2 days


Accounting in Local Administrations

5 days


Permanent Staff in Local Administrations

5 days


Project Management in Local Administrations

3 days


Protocol and Official Correspondence in Local Administrations

3 days


Strategic Planning in Local Administrations

5 days


Movable Property Regulations in Local Administrations

2 days


Municipal Police Services in Local Administrations

5 days


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